• C#/.NET
  • C/C++
  • x86 Assembly
  • X11/HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Python/Perl
  • SQL
  • Subversion/Git
  • OS X
  • Windows 3.0 – 11
  • Linux/BSD


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Firmware Engineer

2011 – Current

  • Developed a Linux DisplayPort driver for ARM based embedded management board.
  • Developed web based GUI for ARM based embedded management board. Manages a blade enclosure via connected KVM or VNC client.
  • Planned and implemented migration of a large code base from subversion to git/Gerrit and again to GitHub. Retained entire project history and wrote training materials for co-workers.
  • Simulated network traffic under various workflows using C server/clients in order to suggest switch requirements during product development.
  • Implemented configuration interface for SNMPv3 on Linux based embedded management controller. Web based GUI and cli.

Epilogue Systems

Senior Systems Engineer

2010 – 2011

  • Coordinated major release of an Enterprise scale document management system. Tasks included revamping build and source control processes, rebranding, and design and implementation of new features. Product implemented in C#/C++/VB6.
  • Designed and implemented the next generation of same document management system. Product will be fully managed code and C++ as required for performance.

Insite Objects

Senior Systems Engineer

2005 – 2010

  • Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing an enterprise scalable web application which tracked SAP usage statistics and analyzed user performance. Written in C#/ASP.NET with a MySQL back-end; it is broken into several independent processes that communicate via web services.
  • Developed a COM component in C++/ATL to record user events in a Java Swing application using the Java Accessibility interface.
  • Maintained an existing JBoss/Tomcat based web application for several release cycles after the primary developers left the company.
  • Developed a pass-through Windows NT display driver for debugging a binary only recording driver

VERITAS Software

Senior Staff Engineer

1999 – 2005

  • Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing the GUI component of a Web based, Enterprise class cluster management and availability monitoring console. Written in Java using Tomcat/Struts.
  • Lead developer on a GUI alignment initiative based on Struts/Tiles to provide a common look and feel across VERITAS web-based products. Coordinated development across four teams spread across the United States and a team in India.
  • Responsible for several releases of cluster management tools including support for rebranding, internationalization, and feature enhancements.


Software Engineer

1998 – 1999

  • Lead developer for a management application for Microsoft Network Load Balancing clusters. Written in Java with extensive use of JNI components written in C++ to provide a Windows native look and feel.
  • Team member responsible for implementing cluster management application for Microsoft Clustering Service. Written in C++ using COM/MFC. Also responsible for managing visual design contractors and working with customers to understand future requirements.

STB Systems

Software Engineer

1996 – 1998

  • Lead GUI developer responsible for designing and implementing a suite of value-add applications to be shipped with video controllers; virtual desktop, on the fly resolution change, etc, for Windows 95. Written in C++ using MFC.
  • Lead GUI developer responsible for designing and implementing TV tuner desktop software. Written in C++ using COM/MFC. Coordinated development between the main office in Richardson, TX and my office in Houston.

Compaq Computer

Systems Engineer

1991 – 1996

  • Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing platform independent libraries used by display drivers. Supported Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2. Written in x86 assembler/C.
  • Team member responsible for designing and implementing a distributed, automated test application for Windows and OS/2 display drivers. Written in C++/Visual Basic/MS-DOS Batch. System would remotely install OS images on test systems, execute automated tests against new driver builds and generate test reports.
  • Responsible for analyzing hardware failures at customer sites. Provided workarounds to customers and initiated engineering change requests to product design teams.


University of Houston - Houston, TX

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, May 1991

Edward McCreary — — (713) 581-0239