Widdershins Software Engineer at Large


Eddie McCreary

Software Engineer and droid aficionado


Houston, TX

Technical Experience






Linux/BSD/OS X

Windows 3.0 – Windows 10

Hewlett-Packard/Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, 2011 – current

Senior Firmware Engineer

Developed support for SMTPv3 for an embedded management device. Included low level wrapper around open source packages, APIs, and HTML GUI.

Member of team responsible for bring-up of an i.MX series 6 based management device running Linux. Assisted in board and kernel debugging. Also worked on build system from top to bottom, from Yocto to Jenkins, Google Mock unit tests and Coverity static analysis.

Independently developed a DisplayPort driver as a Linux kernel module. Interfaced a DP501 DP Transmitter to the Linux kernel and heavily modified X11 driver provided by SOC manufacturer. Also responsible for managing VESA certification process.

Developed an embedded GUI using WebKit and HTML5.

Responsible for migrating full project code from Subversion to git, including development of migration plan and team training.

Epilogue Systems, 2010 – 2011

Senior Systems Engineer

Coordinated major release of an Enterprise scale document management system. Tasks included revamping build and source control processes, rebranding, and design and implementation of new features. Product implemented in C#/C++/VB6.

Designed and implemented next generation of same document management system. Product will be fully managed code and C++ as required for performance.

Insite Objects, 2005 – 2010

Senior Systems Engineer

Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing an enterprise scalable web application which tracked SAP usage statistics and analyzed user performance. Written in C#/ASP.NET with a MySQL back-end; it is broken into several independent processes that communicate via web services.

Developed a COM component in C++/ATL to record user events in a Java Swing application using the Java Accessibility interface.

Maintained an existing JBoss/Tomcat based web application for several release cycles after the primary developers left the company.

Developed a pass-through Windows NT display driver for debugging a binary only recording driver.

VERITAS Software, 1999 – 2005

Senior Staff Engineer

Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing the GUI component of a Web based, Enterprise class cluster management and availability monitoring console. Written in Java using Tomcat/Struts.

Lead developer on a GUI alignment initiative based on Struts/Tiles to provide a common look and feel across VERITAS web-based products. Coordinated development across four teams spread across the United States and a team in India.

Responsible for several releases of cluster management tools including support for rebranding, internationalization, and feature enhancements.

NuView, 1998 – 1999

Software Engineer

Lead developer for a management application for Microsoft Network Load Balancing clusters. Written in Java with extensive use of JNI components written in C++ to provide a Windows native look and feel.

Team member responsible for implementing cluster management application for Microsoft Clustering Service. Written in C++ using COM/MFC. Also responsible for managing visual design contractors and working with customers to understand future requirements.

STB Systems, 1996 – 1998

Software Engineer

Lead GUI developer responsible for designing and implementing suite of value-add applications to be shipped with video controllers; virtual desktop, on the fly resolution change, etc, for Windows 95. Written in C++ using MFC.

Lead GUI developer responsible for designing and implementing TV tuner desktop software. Written in C++ using COM/MFC. Coordinated development between main office in Richardson, TX and my office in Houston.

Compaq Computer, 1991 – 1996

Systems Engineer

Lead developer responsible for designing and implementing platform independent libraries used by display drivers. Supported Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT and OS/2. Written in x86 assembler/C.

Team member responsible for designing and implementing a distributed, automated test application for Windows and OS/2 display drivers. Written in C++/Visual Basic/MS-DOS Batch. System would remotely install OS images on test systems, execute automated tests against new driver builds and generate test reports.

Responsible for analyzing hardware failures at customer sites. Provided workarounds to customers and initiated engineering change requests to product design teams.

Current Hobbies

Irish Traditional Music

Building a full-sized, fully functional R2-D2 replica from scratch.


University of Houston - Houston, TX
B.S. in Electrical Engineering, May 1991